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The most illustrious emperor of Austro-Hungarian Empire, the King of Galicia and Lodomeria (Halychyna and Volhynia), loved by Lviv citizens, was not indifferent to the sky.

He had been ruling the country for 68 years. The Empire kicked the bucket but the memory of the good emperor remained. In folk memories, he remained a wise patron. During the times of Old Nanny Austria, the city was probably the closest to the desired prosperity, and all the bad, if any, truly passed away. Probably, the emperor still loves Lviv.

When it gets dark, Franz Josef’s laugh wanders through the city. In 1892, a military aeronautical department was established in Vienna, and in 1909 – a 3-hangar airfield was established in Wiener Neustadt, where Emperor Franz Joseph watched the performances of Parseval airships. We think that if he were alive now, he would definitely fly!


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