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Polo The Blimp-Maker
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The Blimp-Maker

“One of my old friends, who arrived in the USA, once said: “You're a success here because you come from Lviv, you began your project there." And perhaps he was right as we didn't understand that it was a really impossible thing what we were doing. But we became successful. My elementary school was in Lviv and we were very lucky to attend it... We’ve turned out to be well-trained because when everything is changing around you and you find yourself where you don't understand anything you're bound to develop a survival instinct.”

Igor Pasternak, the chief engineer and founder of Aeros, the largest manufacturer of aerostats and airships in the world. He started in Lviv in 1992-1994.

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Lviv, Krakivska STR, 3 +38 (068) 50 77 292
Lviv, King Cross Leopolis +38 (068) 50 77 292
Kyiv, Antonovycha STR, 176 (Ocean Plaza) +38 (067) 674 40 01