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Every winter Saint Mykolayko puts on his stylish bomber jacket, wraps himself in a buff and hops on his jet to fly around all those who have wings (or would like to …) ✈️ This year he came up with something very special! In order not to burn kerosene over and over again by delivering one gift to each house, Mykolaiko offers the opportunity to order several things at once!
Before Christmas holidays Aviatsiya Halychyny team turned into angels and with Mykolaiko’s instructions created a new COMBO section on the website! So now you can order ready-made gift packs for your family, friends or colleagues in a few clicks and with discount. So hurry up!
All registered customers who make purchase over 5000 UAH from 18/11/2023 to 04/12/2023, we will raffle off five of our gift certificates for 1,000 UAH, 2000UAH, 3000UAH and 5,000! We are warming up the engines of the Mykolaiko’s plane! Join this flight!
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