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Gift cards by Aviatsiya Halychyny 

Everyone loves gifts, don’t you agree? Joyful smiles, warm hugs and happy emotions fill people when giving or receiving them. But sometimes the choice of a gift may become a daunting task. You are afraid of choosing the wrong size or color, or you aren’t sure at all that the person will like the gift. We too have experienced such emotions more than once, so we decided to make gift cards for you. They save a lot of time and nerves.

Such a gift will be suitable for a birthday or an anniversary, for a wedding or for St. Nicholas Day. The list goes on, and it is limited only by your imagination. Our gift card is valid for 3 months and can cover the full cost of a garment. If a person chooses goods for a smaller sum of money, the rest of the face value will cease. But you can always choose something small in addition and pay a little extra so that all the funds from the card are used and there are more gifts.

How to buy a gift card?

You can do this in our branded stores; all addresses can be found in the “Contacts” section. Don’t worry if there is no store in your city – you can order it through the website. We send the certificates throughout Ukraine.

You will receive a plastic card with a barcode and a face value indication, a manual and expiration date, as well as a black branded envelope. You do not have to think about packaging separately.

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