Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Orders processing

We process all orders daily 10 am-6 pm (Kyiv time). Only the national holidays are the exception. Delivery abroad usually takes 7-14 days (depends on the carrier and destination). During the wartime delivery might last longer.

If you placed two or more orders, please mention that we can not consolidate them. Each order is processed and shipped separately.

If you mention in your order that “Pack as a gift” – we will add free gift package like these:

  • Polo shirts – carton box; 
  • Big warm clothes –  craft paper bag.

If you order for someone else – mark the option “Another recipient” so you could leave the shipping address of another person.

Quick order

If you have no time right now to fulfill the order form, you can choose the item and the “Quick order” option. Just enter your email and we will proceed with payment and shipping details later.  (service not available during the wartime)

Terms & Conditions for free shipping in Ukraine

Free shipping quote is available only for orders with delivery in Ukraine and here are two conditions:

  • order total is over 3000 UAH;
  • shipping to the post office of Nova Poshta/Ukrposhta;

Pay attention that if you pay cash on receipt Nova Poshta’s fee for money transfer is 20UAH+2%. For Ukrposhta fee is 1%.

Pick up

You can pick up your order and you are welcome: production facility on Staroznesenska St. 24-26, Lviv, Ukraine.

International shipping

During the war with russia international shipping is provided only by Ukrposhta (Post of Ukraine). After the victory, we plan to do exactly as it was before the war:

  • We ship worldwide offering delivery via Ukrposhta, Meest ExpressNova Poshta Global, or any other courier service that you prefer. In each case, the price for international shipping depends on the weight and dimensions of the package.
  • Pay attention, that international shipping must be prepaid, so we will contact you directly to provide shipping estimation and payment details.
  • There is no free shipping quote for international deliveries.

If you placed two or more orders, please mention that we can not consolidate them. Each order is processed and shipped separately.

Pay attention! Customs fee and taxes may be applied due to customs regulations of your country (or region).

Як оплатити доставку замість отримувача?

Якщо ви хочете оплатити доставку замість отримувача, вам важливо знати номер ТТН (він приходить вам листом на пошту та в смс повідомленні після відправлення) і номер телефону отримувача. Ці дані ви маєте внести у мобільному додатку Нової пошти у відповідне поле й оплатити доставлення.
Детальна інструкція, як це зробити у додатку Нової пошти.

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