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Women’s clothes that gives the freedom to fly 

The path from leather capes to lace.

Clothing has always been more than just protection from the cold or cover for the naked body from shame. Many tribes living in hot climate zones have never considered women’s or men’s clothing as an opportunity to hide their nakedness or protect from high or low temperatures. It used to be more like a protection from real external threats, and sometimes it had a mystical meaning, i.e. as protection from unreal threats. Even amulets were considered clothing, as they protected from the evil eye.

The first tailored clothing found by researches dates back to the Early Paleolithic era. It was a sewn leather shirt and trousers fastened together with shoes. All elements were richly decorated with ornaments – beads made of mammoth tusks.

In the countries of the Ancient East, women’s clothing did not differ much from men’s. It was a long straight tunic, but in addition to it, women’s wardrobe included also skirts made of coarse fabric. Later on, flax and sheep’s wool appeared. In antiquity, clothes began to be decorated with embroidery.

In the 19th century steam and electric machines appeared. This gave an enormous impetus to the development of women’s clothing as it became more affordable and versatile.  

Clothes for women is the opportunity to stand out from the crowd, open the door to your inner world, express the attitude towards certain situations in your own way, and emphasize your status. And with the development of light industry, this has become much easier. Now you can’t stand out not only by expensive fabrics and decorations, but also by a variety of cuts, colors and styles. 

A women’s look is a kind of art that requires a scrupulous selection of each item to form a big picture.

 Aviatsiya Halychyny is women’s clothes made in Ukriane. All our models are created at our own manufacture in Lviv.  Here we come up with new models, sew them, apply prints and embroidery, so we can say confidently that our clothes are 100% made in Ukraine.

You can buy women’s clothing by Aviatsiya Halychyny right here or at our stores in Lviv and Kyiv.

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