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Although from the very beginning we did not plan to make men’s wallets, because our main idea was to create stylish Ukrainian-made aviation polo shirts, we could not ignore such an important element as a wallet. After all, if you are a fan of the sky, then you definitely want to be every bit of it, don’t you?

Kinds of men’s leather wallets 

Among a great variety of forms and materials main kinds of wallets can be differentiated:

  • Travel case — roomy and comfortable for travelling, also known as “travel organizer”. It has separate pockets for tickets, passports, cash, plastic cards, coins. There are models that come with locks, zippers or buttons. 
  • Money clip wallet — a rather small wallet with a clip for money. Sometimes it has special sections for plastic cards. A wallet of such form is convenient to put in your pocket, as it does not take much space and is almost weightless. 
  • Card holder — a wallet created especially for keeping plastic cards and ID. There’s no separate section for cash, so the size of it is rather small.
  • Chest wallet — a wallet created especially for the inside pockets of a jacket. It has a flat and oblong shape. There is a section for bills and cards.
  • Coin wallet — this model is relevant for countries where coins are actively used as the main type of running money. It is usually 10 cm long and 2 cm thick. It has one single section for coins.
  • Billfold wallet — a quite voluminous model of men’s and women’s wallets. They have 2-3 sections for bills, a pocket for coins and space for cards. On the outside there is often a special transparent space for a driving license. Men’s and women’s wallets of this type differ in the type of composition: double and triple.

The materials from which wallets are made are very diverse. We chose leather, but there are high-quality options from fabric or leatherette items. Depending on the complexity of the material design and additional details, the price of the wallet is formed.

Wallets by Aviatsiya Halychyny  

For your convenience, we have created a men’s leather wallet of medium size. It has no extra sections, but it has additional details that make it unique. Details can be found in the info card. Our men’s wallets are handmade, so we are responsible for the uniqueness and quality of the product

You can buy a men’s wallet at specialized stores. Our wallets can be bought in Lviv and Kyiv at stores or get Ukrainian clothes by shop online. If you order on the website, it will arrive within 1-2 days. 

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