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Men's shirts

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Even the biggest troublemakers have at least one men’s shirt lost somewhere in the corner of the closet. This garment belongs to the basic set of the wardrobe. According to statistics, they, along with T-shirts, occupy leading positions among clothing. Shirts are versatile clothes, as they are suitable for both an official meeting and for a stroll in nature. It all depends on the fabrics, style and color, and nowadays there is an abundance of them. But like most types of clothing, shirts have a pretty long history of development and modifications.

Men’s shirt, 5 thousand years old   

The oldest surviving shirt dates back to 3000 BC. This is the most ancient garment in the world that has survived to our time.

Until the 20th century, the shirt remained an exclusively male garment and used to be worn as underwear. In medieval works, the shirt, as the main outerwear, used to be worn only by representatives of the lower strata of society. Until the 19th century, showing your shirt was considered something indecent and immoral.

Anyone could buy a men’s shirt, or rather sew or order from a tailor; it wasn’t a luxury. Although in the 16th century lace, jabot or embroidery began to be sewn to the collar. Not everyone could afford such garments. Colored shirts began to appear much later, almost in the 20th century. Prior to that, they were considered mauvais ton.

In the English language the word “shirt” is a broader concept than in Ukrainian. You can see a whole list of varieties of shirts if you read a Wikipedia article about them in English. We understand that when buying a men’s shirt, you can see a more or less similar set of details in one garment: 

  • Collar
  • Sleeve 
  • Pocket
  • Panel (an element of the side part of the shirt. Sewn to back and sleeves)
  • Yoke (the upper part of the back. Joins sleeves, collar and back details together)
  • Placket (a long stripe to which buttons and button holes are attached)

You can buy a shirt to any taste. This can be a warm plaid shirt, a classic white shirt, a tuxedo shirt, an embroidered shirt, a cotton or fine wool shirt. In short, the choice is very diverse.

Men’s shirt by Aviatsiya Halychyny

You can buy a men’s shirt in Lviv in the first store you come across. But if you are looking for not just a garment to cover the body, but one that tells stories, then you should definitely pay our stores a visit. In addition, you can buy men’s shirts at our online store. It’s even easier to do.

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