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Kids t-shirts

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Welcome to the store where you will find T-shirts that give the children freedom to fly. We created a sequel to adult collections in children’s sizes so you can create family looks. In addition, this section contains purely children’s models. We combined them into a general story – Telesyk Airlines. Here you will find the motifs of dragons, flying fish and swallows-bombers. 

Kids’ t-shirts can be considered a cross-functional kind of clothing as it is comfortable to wear both in summer and in winter under a sweater or a hoodie. It goes well for everyday strolls or for festive looks; the main point is to choose the right color and print. By the way, we apply all the images by hand using silkscreen printing and use eco-friendly paints that are not harmful for the health of children. You may find T-shirts for teenagers as well as for small children. To choose the necessary size you should know the measurements of the child as the age standards do not always correspond to the actual size. 

We know how difficult it is sometimes to persuade children to wear some particular clothes. That’s why all our T-shirts have interesting details which you can tell children about and arouse their interest.

We make our T-shirts from the material that contains 95% cotton and 5% spandex. They are smooth, retain their form and color well after numerous washings. 

In general, T-shirts have a very long history. Due to their convenience, it was a matter of time when this clothing would become generally accepted. The first to wear T-shirts were American soldiers. They were used as underwear. But from 1942, the T-shirts were “brought to the surface” and started to be worn as everyday clothes. It happened thanks to the cover of “Life” magazine, on which a soldier wearing a T-shirt with a print was put. Since then this garment has taken roots in our wardrobes. 

Our T-shirts have a classic straightforward cut and a crew neck. You can buy kids’ clothes by Aviatsiya Halychyny in Kyiv and Lviv at branded stores or get Ukrainian clothes by shop online.

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