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Buy women’s cardigans from Ukrainian manufacturer Aviatsiya Halychyny

We don’t know if you understand all those numerous varieties of tops and if you see the fundamental difference between a sweater and a cardigan, but we are sure that upon reading our article you will be able to write a thesis on this topic. We are joking but really, women’s cardigans are not only extremely practical but also look very stylish. They have a fascinating history and fit into any wardrobe.

Women’s cardigan: history of creation and distribution

It is said that warm sweaters of a similar fit were worn by fishermen in the 9th century. And in the 17th century, such clothes could already be seen worn by the common people of Great Britain and France.

Only in the 19th century, during the Crimean War, aristocrats started wearing cardigans. One of the cavalry brigade commanders insisted that the soldiers should always have an impeccable appearance. He offered to protect them from the cold using warm sweaters with buttons that should be worn under the uniform. The name of this commander is D.T. Brudenell, Earl of Cardigan.

Cardigans soon became famous and widely spread among the civilian population. These clothes were in particular demand among British teachers and students who had to sit for hours in poorly heated classrooms. Moreover, over time, cardigans have become part of the business dress code, although they are considered to belong to the smart-casual style. As you can see, it wasn’t long before this type of sweater was not only for men but fit perfectly into women’s wardrobes.

How cardigans became part of women’s fashion

Even in 1918, the legendary Coco Chanel introduced the women’s cardigan to the world of high fashion. She suggested sewing elongated models with a loose silhouette and patch pockets. It was customary to wear these cardigans with straight skirts.

Shorter models appeared during World War II. Rumor has it that this change in fashion was due to the rise in the price of wool. In Europe, this outerwear ended up at its peak of popularity in the 50s. At that time many models of various cuts and lengths appeared. And then women got the opportunity to choose a cardigan for any taste.

What can you wear women’s cardigans with?

If you like practicality and casual style you can wear a cardigan with jeans or even with sportswear. The only rule is to choose contrasting colors. For example, if you decide to wear a light shirt, the cardigan should be dark. Suitable footwear includes pumps, sneakers, loafers, or combat boots.

A jersey cardigan goes well with classic items. And knitted models are suitable for everyday life. They look great both with jeans and a shirt, and with skinny pants and a plain t-shirt. A cardigan is warm, practical, and fashionable. In short, it’s the perfect clothes for the cold season.

What are the types of women’s cardigans?

Women’s sweaters of this kind are quite diverse and are divided into several main types.

Open cardigans — without buttons, hooks, and cutouts. They belong to the everyday style and go well with skinny jeans or leggings in combination with boots. They often are decorated with an ornamental edge.

Hooded cardigans. In most cases, it is a cardigan with buttons or a zipper that give the item a rougher look and make it look like a jacket. It’s perfect for wearing with jeans.

Long cardigan — with a zipper or large buttons that make it look more elegant. It’s a nice alternative to a light long coat. It goes great with jeans, as well as with dresses and high-heels.

Knitted cardigan. You can wear it instead of a jacket because most of these items have a zipper and convenient pockets in the front.

It’s a universal piece of clothing, so we’re sure you’ll have no problem finding exactly what fits your wardrobe the best.

Our women’s cardigan from the Zhadan.Quotes collection is masculine and minimalistic. It has comfortable ties at the back in the lower part of the item. On the back is a quote “The world is limited by what you believe in.” A minimum of decor but a maximum of style. These are the clothes for the brave and self-confident.

Where to order a cardigan in Ukraine?

The best option is to buy it in the Ukrainian manufacturer’s store. In our store, you can find clothes that will become your favorite. And that is not an exaggeration because our products have a unique style that attracts people with the most diverse tastes. It’s happening because we’re not just making clothes but trying to convey meanings through them that are important for every conscious Ukrainian. And we believe that they are the majority.

Our clothes are always about a challenge, about courage, and about Ukraine. Our customers are people united by shared values ​​and interests. And it brings us great joy that there are more of you every day.

You can buy a women’s cardigan in our online store or one of the stores located in Kyiv and Lviv.

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