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Women's polos

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Where can I wear women’s polo shirts? 

Polo is quite a versatile garment and it fits different occasions. Although they are suitable for any age and body type, there are some peculiarities and rules that should be considered when choosing an outfit.

  • For everyday 

Women’s polo classic fit is a great solution for daily summer strolls. It goes well with light trousers or jeans. But don’t wear ripped or tight-fitting jeans. It’s better to choose a t-shirt.

  • For office 

For smart casual style, which is often preferred for office, it is better to opt for a solid-colored polo with no bright prints and accents. It goes well with trousers, and you can wear an informal jacket on top. To create a more serious image, we recommend choosing a loose fit polo that can be easily tucked in your trousers like a shirt. But do not forget to match it with a nice belt.

  • For vacation

If you choose a comfortable but elegant outfit for summer strolls, women’s polo can be combined with baggy shorts or Bermuda shorts. Solid-colored polo with light trousers will create the image as if you just got off a yacht or returned from a sea vacation. 

  • For sport 

Don’t forget that polos were created as clothes for doing sports, especially for playing tennis.  So, it’s not necessary to sacrifice the primary purpose of this item. Solid-colored polo perfectly suits tennis skirts.

The women’s polo by Aviatsiya Halychyny can be mixed as you wish; the range is quite diverse. The main thing is that you feel comfortable and harmonious. You can wear it as an element of self-identification abroad, as they all have a Ukrainian character.

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