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Men's cardigan

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 Buy men’s cardigans from the Ukrainian manufacturer Aviatsiya Halychyny

 Since childhood, the autumn-winter season is a time of turtlenecks and putting on a couple of sweaters at once, regardless of your protests and general awesomeness. So, if you are also cautious or even a bit skeptical about warmer sweaters, we are here to introduce you to men’s cardigans!

How cardigans appeared in the men’s wardrobe

It is said that this type of clothes was first worn by ordinary Englishmen and Frenchmen before aristocrats also came to appreciate the comfort and brevity of this item. Natural materials (in our case, mostly wool) allowed us to make it really warm because even in their classic version knitted cardigans are the most common.

What is a classic cardigan? It has long sleeves and a fairly loose fit, with a zipper or buttons. Its brevity is expressed in the fact that men’s cardigans are mostly monochrome, without flashy logos or bright prints. Often textured buttons or knitted patterns are the most noticeable elements on the item.

Another wave of the cardigans’ popularity came in the 1950s when American students at elite colleges created a whole subculture and preppy style. White shirts, ties and inevitably jumpers and cardigans — you must agree that it is quite suitable for classrooms.

Why we decided to create men’s cardigans

We always say that Aviatsiya Halychyny is a brand for those who have wings behind their shoulders. And if you haven’t found them yet maybe our clothes will help you feel comfortable and confident? Clear silhouettes and dear-to-the-heart collections  — this is how our designers work with clothes. You can express your personality in any clothing style and even such a classic choice as a cardigan will manifest for you!

The “Zhadan.Quotes” series is about this. Its men’s cardigan repeats the usual classics: it is minimalistic in appearance and has a rather ergonomic fit. Large pockets, a central zipper, and ties at the bottom for those who want a more fitted silhouette — these clothes will definitely be appropriate in everyday life, in the office, or while traveling.

The motto of the cardigan is “The world is limited by what you believe in”, and we think Serhiy’s statement is worthy of wearing every day.

What to combine cardigans with? Our answer: there are no restrictions here, our items are truly universal! With jeans, cargo pants, joggers, and shorts, they will look appropriate and you will feel confident. We use cotton and polyester to make men’s cardigans, so you can safely wear them all year round!

There are still many ideas and collections of men’s cardigans ahead — visit our physical stores (Kyiv and Lviv), and also open the catalog on our website. At “Aviatsiya Halychyny” we unite the ones with a strong spirit and proudly create clothes made in Ukraine!

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