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Women's sweatshirts

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Sweatshirts for women

Nowadays there are no difficulties when buying a sweatshirt. They are available at almost all stores and they fit every taste. But this was not always the case. At the beginning of these sweaters’ history, they were worn only by football players during training. They used to be cotton garments that replaced hot woolen sweaters. In 1922, Benjamin Russell offered to alter the top of overalls for women and create a new kind of garment for his football team. At first, all the sweatshirts used to be gray but later on they were modernized. Some imprints were made that meant belonging to a particular team. 

Baseball players, athletes and other sportsmen picked up the trend of sweatshirts extremely quickly. So in the 60s, ladies sweatshirts became an integral part of the casual style of that time.

The word “sweatshirt” stems from “sweater” and “shirt”. Its characteristic feature is the absence of pockets and the hood. This is how they differ from hoodies and fleece jackets. The fabric is usually soft with the finest netting. 

The main trend of the latest season is cropped sweatshirts that expose the belly and accent the slimness of a girl. However, the most popular model is a bloused sweatshirt with a thick elastic band on the bottom.

How to combine women’s sweatshirts 

Although this type of sweater is quite versatile, you should still know what they look best with.

  • Midi skirt. Suitable for office and business meetings. Knee-length skirt and an elegant sweatshirt create a formal yet comfortable look. 
  • Mini skirt. Women’s look for city strolls. A short skirt will be nicely complemented by flat shoes and a semi-sport sweatshirt.
  • Maxi skirt. Chiffon skirt and a thick sweatshirt create a perfect look for extraordinary girls.
  • Straight or narrow bottom jeans, classic trousers and leggings. To accent the length of legs it is better to choose dark colors for the bottom.  
  • Shorts. Loose and baggy cuts are perfectly suitable for sweatshirts for women. Convenient for mountains or city trips. 

Ukrainian sweatshirts by Aviatsiya Halychyny 

We hold our own production so our sweatshirts are 100% made in the EU. Sewing and imprinting is carried out in the same place so we guarantee the high quality of our clothes. In case of defects we are ready to eliminate any production inaccuracies.

For women’s sweatshirts we use fabric that consists of 79% cotton and 21% polyester. The imprinting is made through silkscreen printing, so it doesn’t fade and flake.

You can buy a women’s sweatshirt by Aviatsiya Halychyny at our stores in Lviv and Kyiv or get Ukrainian clothes by shop online.

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