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Women's dresses

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Made in Ukraine dresses with a pepper flavor 

Welcome to the store at which you can buy a dress made in Ukraine with an original cut and design. Here you won’t find romantic looks and delicate colors, as our dresses are for girls who love spicy. Our first models are polo dresses made of 100% cotton; they have a upturned collar and other elements just like in polos. We sew all our garments at our own production, so we are responsible for their quality.

Dresses in retrospect

Dresses passed a pretty long way of development and acquired numerous modernizations. The outer characteristics of dresses ranged in hyperbole from maximum nudity to maximum reservedness and again to nudity. The form of the dresses has undergone a serious change in the 20th century when emancipation swept the world. Women rejected the uncomfortable romantic elements that were characteristic of previous periods. They gave up corsets, trains, layered skirts, impractical fabrics and exposed their legs for the first time.

In Ukraine fashion had a prominent national character. During the times of Kyivan Rus there were 2 types of dresses: “home dress” and “festive”. The dress used to look like a long embroidered shirt over which an unstitched skirt or an apron was worn. Further, the appearance of Ukrainian women acquired complex forms. Each region had its own costumes with certain features of embroidery, shapes of skirts and fabrics. One can talk about this for hours. The early 20th century was marked by exquisite outfits of young ladies, but in the 30s this trend changed to practicality. The post-war period was “gray” in terms of fashion, so a bright spot was the emergence of “styliahy” subculture with their bright and full skirts. Nowadays, Ukrainian girls impress on the streets with their variety of dresses, their lengths and combination of styles.  

If one opens a reference book with dresses, one can find numerous classifications by periods, fabrics, methods of manufacture, cuts etc. We distinguished the most widespread kinds of dresses: 

  • Polo dresses 
  • Cocktail dresses
  • Evening dresses 
  • Wedding dresses 
  • Mini dresses 
  • Midi dresses
  • Daily dresses
  • Sheath dresses
  • Ethnic dresses 
  • Shirt dresses
  • Carnival dresses 
  • Sarafans

Dresses made in Ukraine 

After the Revolution of Dignity, the Ukrainian society experienced a boom in the appearance of new Ukrainian designers. Wearing clothes made in Ukraine has become trendy. In addition, such garments are usually connected to certain ideas. Buying a dress from a Ukrainian manufacturer is not a problem now, as the market is diverse.You can find both classic embroidered dresses and sports oversized dresses. Sky is the limit, so express yourself and accent your individuality!

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