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Buy patriotic stickers online from the Ukrainian brand Aviatsiya Halychyny

You already know that Aviatsiya Halychyny is about originality, bravery, and self-expression. And also, it is always about Ukraine and Ukrainians. About who we are, what we want, and what we’re fighting for. All of our products are designed to convey a certain message and to spread ideas that matter to us, in Ukraine and abroad. And patriotic stickers are another way to publicly state your position. Also, they are very stylish and look awesome on various accessories.

As Serhiy Zhadan says, “freedom is not gifted, freedom is not given”, and we, Ukrainians, know this better than anyone. Our entire history is a continuous struggle for independence and the right to decide our own destiny and build our own future. We are doing everything we can so that the opinion of Ukrainians who care about this future is heard by as many people as possible, not just at home but also all over the world. On our stickers you will find symbols, quotes, and images that are understandable to every Ukrainian. We try to depict on stickers what affects us and millions of other citizens of our country. We strive to show that we have something to be proud of and something to say.

What stickers do we have?

We have different sticker packs, the stickers in which vary in terms of theme, execution style, colors, shape, and size. Some of them are dedicated to the collections of Telesyk Airlines, Independence War, Syla, Buntarky, Ukrainian Falcons, and others, and some to specific events, such as the well-known situation with the Russian warship. After all, we all understand that patriotic stickers are not only stickers with the words “Glory to Ukraine!” 😉

How to use patriotic stickers

The stickers have long become a kind of mini-accessory and are used in a variety of ways, but mostly they can be seen on smartphones and laptops. The main thing here is not to overdo it. There shouldn’t be too many stickers, they should be carefully selected by size, theme, and style. Before sticking stickers on the laptop cover you should have a clear idea of the final result. Otherwise, you will not only spoil the stickers but also fail to add individuality to your device.

Patriotic stickers are also often bought as a gift. Have you ever felt a little something was missing from the main present and you didn’t know what could make an interesting gift? If so, the stickers are a perfect option in such cases. Such a mini-gift is always about emotions and knowledge of each other’s individual preferences.

Patriotic stickers can be ordered in our online store or bought in one of the stores in Kyiv or Lviv. We strongly advise you to pay attention to our other accessories, which not only look fashionable but will also be useful in your everyday life.

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