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A lot of you have been with us from the very beginning (and that’s almost 7 years!), and it matters a lot. We refuse to give everyone the same discount, from now on everyone will have their personal bonus, which takes into account all your purchase history and all the way we’ve come together, shoulder to shoulder.
A little bit about…
Our loyalty program is called the Roundel Club. Do you remember our t-shirts with the aircraft roundels? That’s it! Why the Club? Because we believe that the people who choose our clothes are a community living by certain common life principles. The Roundel Club unites all existing Aviatsiya Halychyny projects and those that will be launched in the future.
Check in!
To join the Club you have to check in, that is to register (like in any other loyalty program). You can do it on our website or in our shop, whichever is more convenient for you. For every purchase after registration, you will receive bonus points which you can use for your future purchases
How does it work?
There are six steps you can reach in the Roundel Club. The higher the step, the more pleasant are the bonuses and special offers. Transfer to a higher step depends on the total sum of your purchases. The transfer is automatic after achieving a certain purchase amount.
You start from the Runway when you’ve just joined the Roundel Club or your purchase amount is up to 2000 UAH.
First Flight
Your First Flight begins from 2001 UAH
Pilot School
You’re enlisted to the Pilot School from 5001 UAH
Light Aviation
Light Aviation takes off from 10001 UAH.
Born to Fly
Kings of the Sky
And our ambassadors find themselves on the steps Born to Fly and Kings of the Sky, that start from 20 001 UAH and 50 001 UAH correspondingly.

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