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In case of detecting defects of the purchased products within the stipulated warranty period, we guarantee free of charge elimination of them; in case of detecting major defects, we refund money or replace the garment.

A defect is any non-compliance of products with the requirements of regulations, specification documents, agreement terms or requirements which are set out in relation to them as well as information on the products provided by the manufacturer;

A major defect makes it impossible to use the product in accordance with its designated purpose; it occurs due to the manufacturer’s fault. The characteristics of major defects are the following:

  1. impossibility of fixing/eliminating;
  2. more than fourteen calendar days are needed for elimination.
For which period is the warranty provided?

The warranty period for clothes is 60 days. If a manufacture defect is found during this period, we will certainly eliminate it or replace the product.

The warranty does not apply to marked-down goods. The present clause is regulated by the Law of Ukraine “On consumer protection”, Art. 8, clause 1.1. — proportional price reduction in case of detecting defects in the products within the specified period. In our case, these are the goods from SALE category.

What is covered by the warranty?

Quality warranty of products covers the manufacture defects detected, namely: seam separation and low-quality sewing (i.e. improperly sewn, unstitched or unfinished elements of the product).

What is not covered by the warranty?
  • abrasion;
  • impact of high temperatures, bleach, solvents, acids and alkali;
  • incidents (obvious tears, snagging, cuts);
  • improper storage;
  • careless use and care which do not correspond to the recommended instructions;
  • exceeding the maximum load;
  • inappropriate use;
  • damage caused by third parties — shippers or customs service employees (in case of export).

The manufacturer bears no liability for damage caused during unpacking of the parcel. Please, unpack the parcel carefully so as not to damage its content.

What shall I do in case of damage to the product during transportation?

It is recommended to make a claim to the shipment company (which charges a fee and insures the parcel in case of damage to the package being shipped) at the pick-up location (it is mandatory to do it before signing the documents on receiving).

What should be prepared when applying for warranty issues?
  • goods  in proper condition (the garment should be dry and clean);
  • sales receipt /electronic confirmation letter with order number;

In case of expiration of the warranty period, applications regarding the defects (both major and minor) shall not be considered.

A warranty case should be documented by calling +38 067 440 46 56 (if the goods have been purchased online) or at a store where the goods have been purchased.

The completion of a purchase means your consent to the aforementioned warranty period and care recommendations.



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