Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How are the Bonus Points earned?

For all identified purchases on the website or in the shop, you receive percentage Bonus Points to your account. You can check the balance in your account in the Roundel Club section or with the help of the shop assistants in our stores.

Bonus Points become available after your email verification if you registered through our website, or your phone verification if you registered in our store.

Paying with Bonus Points online: on the checkout page, you’ll see a Bonus Points button. Upon clicking on it you’ll see your current Bonus Points balance. Enter the amount you want to use, and press OK – the specified Bonus Points amount will be deducted from the total order amount. 

Paying with Bonus Points in store (except Duty-Free zone): at the moment of purchase, you can ask the shop assistant about your Bonus Points balance, and pay using them partially or completely. He/she will take it into account, and tell you the final purchase amount. The Bonus Points will be automatically redeemed from your account.

When are the Bonus Points earned?

Bonus Points are earned for every authorized purchase in an amount corresponding to your Program status, from 3% up to 15%.

Bonus Points become available for redeeming:

  • in case of online purchase: after actual pickup of the order from the courier.
  • in case you purchase in a shop: immediately.
Why Bonus Points aren’t earned?

Bonus Points are not earned for discounted items.

Bonus Points are not earned if you use a promo code for the discount, for promotional items, and during the discount period (a discount cannot be combined with another discount or with Bonus Points credit).

If you didn’t buy a discounted item, didn’t use a promo code and your order status is Completed, but you didn’t receive Bonus Points, please email us at [email protected]

Additional features

If you are a pilot – show your credentials at the counter – you’ll get everything with a 12% discount.

If you have a yellow LOKAL card that belongs to the FEST! Holding of Emotions team – you can expect some benefits for our own in our stores and on our website (except Duty-Free at the Lviv airport):

  • 10% discount for adult polo shirts, polo dresses, sweatshirts, and hoodies (except the raincoat, and hoodies SYLA and Dragon).
  • 5% discount for other items.

Promo codes Terms of Use

To use a promo code you need to enter it in the appropriate field at the checkout.
Promo codes can only be used by registered customers.
If you use a promo code Bonus Points will not be credited.
A Promo code can only be used once.

Умови використання промокодів

Для використання промокоду, треба вписати його у відповідне поле на сторінці оформлення замовлення.

  • Промокоди можуть використувувати лише зареєстровані покупці.
  • При використанні промокодів бонуси не нараховуються.
  • Промокод можна використати лише один раз.

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