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Kids trousers

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Trousers for boys and girls  

Versatile clothing from birth and throughout lifetime. Trousers are worn for a stroll and for official events, so whatever one may say, these are the most comfortable clothes. Each child should have a large number of these garments in their wardrobe as the active and vibrant life of children changes the appearance of trousers beyond recognition very quickly.

While creating trousers for boys or girls, we have considered all possible cases of use for this garment. Therefore, don’t worry that it will quickly stretch on the knees or become worn. We use dense but comfortable materials, sew in special inserts and make additional pockets and zippers. 

You can buy trousers for a boy at any store for kids, but it is important not to make a mistake with the choice. When choosing, you should pay attention to the quality of the fabric, the serviceability and durability of the zippers, the convenience of the cut itself. Pay special attention to the waistband. If the trousers have an elastic band, then it should not be too tight so as not to pinch the belly. At the same time, the trousers have to fit well but not slip, so it is worth checking the elastic band for sufficient strength and width. Trousers for girls are no different from the ones for boys. Sometimes they are made exclusively in “girlish” colors, decorated with rhinestones or embroidery, but this is not our story at all.

Thickened trousers for boys and girls are made from various materials. Usually it is fleece, footer, semi-wool, corduroy; the list of materials can be continued further. For our trousers we use fabric with 79% cotton and 21% polyester. It is quite warm and very comfortable to wear.

You can buy kids’ trousers by Aviatsiya Halychyny right here. Don’t worry about the size; we attach a size chart under each item for you to know all the parameters. If you want to try on the clothes, drop by our stores in Kyiv and Lviv.

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