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Men's t-shirts

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Men’s ukrainian t- shirts: from workwear to an indispensable garment

The first prototype of a T-shirt appeared in the early nineteenth century. This was the invention of miners who used them for protection from dust and sun. But in the form we are used to, T-shirts appeared in 1898, thanks to the US Army Marines. The military wore them as underwear under the uniform. 

A real boom happened in 1942 when a soldier appeared on the cover of “Life” magazine wearing a T-shirt with a print. 

Today men’s T-shirts are those items without which any wardrobe, even women’s, cannot do. Their rather simple form made this kind of clothes cross-functional and a basic component of any wardrobe. 

Types of men’s T-shirts 

Over a long period of history, T-shirts have acquired different styles, colors, types of collars and purposes. Let’s start with the analysis of cuts. Traditionally there are 6 types of them:

  • Classic;
  • Fitted;
  • Elongated;
  • Oversize;
  • Long sleeve (T-shirts with long sleeves);
  • Sleeveless;
  • Sport.

They all differ in their fit. For each figure there is the most suitable type of T-shirt to accent or hide some features of the figure. They are often decorated with prints, stripes, dots and they are of various application techniques. But one can write a separate article about this. 

In addition, T-shirts are distinguished by type of neckline:

  • crew neck, which are comfortable to wear under shirts and sweaters;
  • V-neck, suitable for jeans and chinos;
  • with a collar, marketed as polo shirts;
  • henley, a neckline without a collar, but with buttons or snap fasteners on a vertical neck; 

Ukraine T-shirts by Aviatsiya Halychyny 

All our T-shirts have a crew neck and classic fit. We often use additional sewn-in elements or slits to make them more interesting. In addition, on each T-shirt we add a striking print that complements the image and tells an aviation story depending on the collection.

You can buy our men’s T-shirts in Lviv and Kyiv at branded stores or get Ukrainian clothes by shop online.

Find the information about addresses of the stores in the “Contacts” section.

The price of men’s T-shirts primarily depends on the material from which the clothes are made. In most cases it is knitwear or cotton; we often use synthetic fabrics, especially for sport T-shirts. It can be lycra, polyamide or elastane

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