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How to wash clothes so they last longer
  • Washing at 30°C temperature, short wash cycle (30-40 minutes).
  • Don’t overdry clothes.
  • Use non-aggressive (non-chlorine) stain removers.
  • Do not soak clothes and do not leave them wet in the washing machine after laundry.
  • Do not iron fleece clothes.
Clothes that should not be washed.
  • Raincoat “From Lviv with rain”. Caring tips for raincoat are here.
  • Set “Have a nice flight“. Instead of washing, manual cleaning with a damp clean towel significantly prolongs the windproof properties of the fabric. We recommend cleaning the fanny pack with a soft sponge or cloth in a soap solution that has a neutral pH. (for example, toilet soap).
  • Raincoat that comes with hoodie SYLA. If necessary, just wipe with a damp clean towel.

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