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In search for comfortable pajamas, you clicked on the correct link. We create clothes that take care of children’s sleep and their energetic routine.

The fabric we use for sewing is 100% cotton. Natural fabrics allow the body to breathe and relax as much as possible during sleep. Nice, soft and beautiful pajamas can become a favorite garment of a child and help to fall asleep and calm down. When designing our pajamas, we chose the simplest possible cuts without unnecessary seams, large buttons, inappropriate decorative elements and tight elastic bands, so that nothing grazes delicate child’s skin and does not interfere with sleep.

The quality and comfort of pajamas is especially important for babies as sleep takes a lot of time and it has to be tight for the child to develop healthy and happy.

Here you will find kid’s pajamas in different sizes from 1 year to 10 years. If you are in doubt about the size, you can always consult us by phone, e-mail or via social network or it may be even easier – just view the size chart by yourself. By the way, it is in every info card.

The design of garments developed by our designers is not only admired by mothers, but also by children. We want the dream to carry the children to a fairy tale, the main character of which is the child themselves. Therefore, we create entire images that awaken the imagination of children and help to fantasize about the world of sleep. But what is important, the colors we chose are gentle and the pictures are calm, so as not to excite the kid’s imagination too much, as it can lead to sleep difficulties.

Pajamas for children created by our designers with love can also be worn as home clothes, as the colors, images and fabrics meet this purpose too. They are comfortable to play in active games as well as calm ones. 

How to choose kids’ pajamas?

  • Study the composition of the fabric carefully; it must be natural.
  • Take a look at the cut; it must be quite loose without unnecessary elements
  • Pay attention to the stitches; they must all be carefully finished and not protrude
  • Choose a gentle color and print that wouldn’t distract the kid from sleep 
  • Make clear measurement for the pajamas not to be “for the future”, as it can interfere with sleep

Buy kids’ pajamas by Aviatsiya Halychyny

It’s very easy to do. You can visit our stores located in Lviv and Kyiv. Addresses can be found in the relevant section of the menu “Contacts”. Or even easier, just add the required model and size to the cart and get your order in a day. By the way, all registered users of our website receive a 5% discount.

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