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Men's polos

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History of men’s polo shirts

Polo is the happy medium between formal office style and a casual T-shirt. In the late nineteenth century and in the early twentieth century a new kind of sport started to develop actively — tennis. They used to play it in usual suits. A shirt, a tie and a jacket are rather an uncomfortable combination for playing outdoors. Therefore, the sportsmen decided to come up with a new type of clothes that would be as comfortable as possible for active movements and would be an elegant look. Jersey Cotton T-shirts, worn under the clothes, were taken for the basis of the first men’s polo shirt. A collar and buttons were sewed on them to differentiate the new wardrobe item from the underwear.

Kinds of men’s polo shirts

Usually they all look quite recognizable and similar but they differ in the type of silhouette. There are three fit types of polo: classic fit, slim fit and loose fit.

  • Classic polo.
    Classic polo has a regular cut that doesn’t fit the figure, but quite clearly outlines it. There must be a collar with two or three buttons. It is sewn from pique fabric and has small slits on both sides. The front part is often slightly shorter than the back.
  • Slim fit polo.
    A characteristic feature of this model is that it fits and accents the figure. It fits well an athletic build. This model is usually sewn from light knitwear. Unlike the classic model, the slits on the sides are missing and the lengths of the front and the back are the same. Such polo shirts are often decorated with various prints. The collar is slightly smaller than that of the classic fit.
  • Loose fit polo.
    These polos are also called “relax fit”. They do not accent the figure so they are well suited for people who like loose clothes or are overweight. This is the only kind of polo which can be tucked in or worn as a shirt. They are often solid-colored or decorated with thin stripes.

Polo shirts by Aviatsiya Halychyny.

Our polos are sewn from 100% cotton, “pique” fabric. Each model has a unique design solution which is our signature. But as the basis we took the classic cut that accents the figure but doesn’t fit it. They have a distinctive collar that doesn’t lose its shape after long wearing and washing. The collar is soft; it doesn’t chafe your neck.
You can buy our polo shirts in Lviv and Kyiv at branded stores or get Ukrainian clothes by shop online.

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