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Men’s clothes that matter

Over time, clothing has undergone numerous changes. With the development and improvement of production, decorating techniques and complexity of forms have developed. In the Middle Ages, clothing was the first element that distinguished people by status. The nobility, as a rule, chose clothes made of expensive fabrics: velvet, silk, brocade and others. Nowadays, clothing plays no less important status role, but now it reflects rather belonging to certain interest or activity groups. 

Men’s clothes produced by Aviatsiya Halychyny unite all the fans of the sky. We produce polo shirts, T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies that tell stories about famous Ukrainian aircraft designers, military flight crews and expressions that inspire for flights. Therefore, if you feel the freedom to fly, or would like to, then you are at the right place. You will find the list of all collections in the corresponding category in the menu, or our sellers at the stores will tell you about them.

  • Criteria for selecting clothes for men
  • Aesthetic attractiveness and practicality for wearing
  • Fit for the silhouette
  • Comfort while wearing 
  • Conformity of the price to quality

For men, clothing has long been more than just protection from the cold or sunlight; it is a method of self-expression. You can determine a person’s preferences by styles, fabrics and colors. A person with conservative views usually chooses classic suits, and a fan of extreme sports wears the most practical clothes.

What should a man’s wardrobe consist of?

The standard set of clothes of the modern man should contain the whole list of various looks for each kind of activity. But we know that men often ignore these rules.

This list is very generalized and can vary with each person. 

  • Clothes for work and studying 
  • Clothes for home 
  • Clothes for festivities 
  • Clothes for sports or active leisure  

Aviatsiya Halychyny is an offline and online store of men’s and women’s clothes with sense. Among our range you will find garments that are suitable for everyday wear and for travel. Our clothes are suitable for different ages and body type. We have a separate kids’s collection if you want to create a family look. 

Clothes made in Ukraine 

All our clothes are manufactured in Lviv. In our own manufacture we create new models and sew collections, decorate our garments with prints and embroidery. Therefore, we are a 100% European brand responsible for quality.

You can buy men’s clothing by Aviatsiya Halychyny right here or at our stores. You can find the addresses in the section “Contacts”. We are constantly expanding our range, so follow us on social networks.

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