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Temporary tatoos

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Temporary tattoos from Aviatsiya Halychyny – speak to the world in your own language!

At a time when it is especially important for Ukrainians to be heard in the whole world and to always see “their own”, we added an unusual item to our product range. And it’s not clothes or pins as you might have thought at first but something more daring. And something closer to the body 🙂

Patriotic temporary tattoos are our way to add color and your own manifestos to every day because these are not just random images but a stylized and recreated “Buntarky” collection! We know (and, frankly, we’re very happy about it) that tattoos are finally receiving a positive perception and curiosity instead of condemnation. For some people, a tattoo is a way to communicate their values to the world, for others it is an important way of preserving stories, and someone simply creates their aesthetics.

Your body is your choice. But we can help make tattoos truly rebellious! Every image from the collection of temporary tattoos is an embodiment of our vision of the world that the talented Arley Sign will help transfer to your body.

What are temporary tattoos and how to use them?

Indeed, now you won’t surprise anyone with tattoos of a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes thanks to the professionalism of tattoo artists. But at the same time, it brings up more questions: how to choose exactly “the right” tattoo, which area will be more comfortable, and if only it would be possible to compare a few options. This is where our waterproof temporary tattoo artists come to the rescue!

Waterproof temporary tattoos from Aviatsiya Halychyny are a series of images applied to a special surface that can be easily transferred to any part of the body! It takes just a few minutes, a glass of water, and a napkin — and you can wear them on yourself. The kit comes with step-by-step instructions so we’re sure you’ll get it right. The sheet format is A5 and the tattoos themselves vary in size so you can experiment with different combinations as much as you want.

The “Buntarky” (Rebels) patriotic tattoos were created for us by Arley Sign — you must have seen their great work. Our temporary tattoos are colorful, with swallows and mottos, and also Konotop witch flying a PPZR Piorun. You can’t resist them, we say from our own experience!

Every image will bring you joy with its appearance from 5 to 7 days depending on the place of application. If you want to admire it for as long as possible choose areas that are far from the bends and do not have accessories nearby. And you can keep calm in the bath or shower — the water will not damage them in any way. The images are created with plant-based paint so they are hypoallergenic and completely safe.

Another advantage is that each picture can be cut out and applied separately, so today you can wear a cat on your body, and tomorrow you can be “Of one blood with the wind”! Or you can share aviation tattoos with friends so that even more Rebels appear in your environment!

We will be happy to help with all questions in our brand stores (in Lviv and Kyiv) or on our website.

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