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Aviatsiya Halychyny
[:uk]Матеріал: шкіра Технологія нанесення зображень: тиснення[:en]Material: leather Technique of prints applied: embossing[:] AH_a7e35869-9583-11e8-a210-0cc47a40fa97 Image for ROUNDEL
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Material: leather
Technique of prints applied: embossing

A comfortable leather wallet with a roundel on the front side.
There is a large pocket for bills and 6 smaller pockets for cards.
On the back there is a pocket with a metal multitool. This is a multifunctional instrument for various needs. It includes an opener for bottles and jars, a saw, a ruler, a wrench, and a protractor.
To keep that wallet safe, we have a paracord strap that can be attached to pants or a bag. It is attached to a special ring on the side of the wallet.

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