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Aviatsiya Halychyny
[:uk]Матеріал: 95% бавовна, 5% еластан Шкарпетки різного кольору Товар обміну та поверненню не підлягає згідно закону[:en]95% cotton, 5% elastane[:] AH_3e7f9fb7-5463-11e9-a21a-0cc47a40fa97 Image for ANCHOR
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95% cotton, 5% elastane

An anchor is the thing that prevents ships from going adrift, and wings are the things that help you to tame the wind. Unisex yellow and blue socks with the symbols of air force that will help to hold on to the ground.  

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Perhaps, the most romantic Brigade that combines two forces of nature in one unit — the sea and the sky. True patriots and warriors that managed to withdraw all their military equipment...

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