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The 299th Vasyl Nikiforov Tactical Aviation Brigade goes back to 1992. It is stationed in Mykolayiv city. In hangars, there are Su-25 front-line attack aircrafts of various modifications. People call this plane “the Rook”. A single-seat aircraft that makes it hot to the enemy, as it destroys objects at specified coordinates.

They did well, so they were renowned for being the best aviation base of the Ukrainian Air Force according to the results of 2012.

Since 2014, the Brigade has been involved in the war with Russia in the East of Ukraine, in battles for Marynivka and Illovaysk, in particular.

Even when the enemy attacks toughly, they do not give surrender and fight back until the final moment. In one of the battles for the territory of Ukraine, the pilot, risking his life, flew to the Dnipro on a damaged plane to drop the unexploded ammunition, and landed on the fuselage without landing gear.

Despite being injured, the soldiers again went into combat and defended Ukrainian land.


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