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The 831st Tactical Aviation Brigade of the Air Force is stationed in Myrhorod, Poltava region. In service since 1941, but then it used to be the 659th Fighter Regiment. Its pilots took part in the Second World War and made it hot there, as they had undertaken 9,960 combat sorties (10,451 hours in the sky, i.e. 14 months), conducted 531 air battles, shot down 47 aircrafts and 838 units of military equipment. In short, they shook up the Germans well.

When the Armed Forces of Ukraine were created, the brigade used to be one of the most battle-worthy divisions of Air Force; now the boys do not slow down. In addition to military operations, the Brigade takes part in international air shows.

In 2004 at the SIAD air show, Lieutenant Colonel Fedir Tyshchuk performed the best individual demonstration flight on a Su-27 fighter aircraft.

Today the Brigade flies with Su-27 of various modifications and L-39. They are always on alert as the Brigade is included to Rapid Reaction Force. They direct their forces to defend the Ukrainian borders in the war with Russia.


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