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The first airport of Lviv, which was located in Levandivka and built in 1914, witnessed even airships and wooden planes, as well as Polish “samolot” and even “Ilya Muromets” airliner. Here, on August 2, 1922, the maiden scheduled passenger flight Gdańsk — Warsaw — Lviv was made. The flights from Lviv to Kraków or Vienna were as frequent as the electric train trips to the Carpathians today.

There were many people willing to visit Lviv, but the airport was not efficient for this purpose. There was no way to expand it. So in 1929 a new airport was opened near the village of Sknyliv. During the interwar period, they cared about the clients there very much. From the city center to the airport luggage was delivered by a bus free of charge, and there were specially trained people who carried the suitcases. Respectable clients were transported by a car.

However, the Second World War knocked out it all, because as a result of the 1939 bombing, the runways were damaged. The planes had to run from temporary airports. Only in 1944 could the airfield be restored.

Although in the 1960 the airport lost its international status, the 1980s saw the highest intensity of aircraft departures from Lviv airport – about 60 per day.

The airport flourished in 2012. Loads of football fans gathered in Lviv for Euro-2012. A new terminal was built to accommodate everyone. The runway has been improved and lengthened.

At first they wanted to name the airport after Stepan Bandera. But they opted for another patron, and now full name of the airport is “Danylo Halytskyi International Airport “Lviv”.

Today it is the largest international airport in Western Ukraine. Finally we have an airfield that you can be proud of and to which you aren’t ashamed invite someone.

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