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The Cossacks not only rode horses with sabers, but also conquered the sky.

This is the story about the 66th Aviation Subdivision of the USA Air Force “Flying Cossacks” that consisted of 48 pilots, among whom there was one Ukrainian – Stepan Oleka. The Subdivision was founded in 1969 at the base in Webb (Texas, the USA).

There is a tradition in the US Army that military units choose their own symbols and names. So our compatriot Stepan suggested taking a trident as a basis. His fellows liked the idea, so in order to fully become “Ukrainian” they took the name “Flying Cossacks”. Since then, they had been wearing a red trident on a black background in their uniforms and painted it on their training planes.

“Cossacks” made it hot as they conducted more than 10,000 combat sorties during the war in Vietnam.


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