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Ukrainian women-pilots of the bombing regiment made the enemies believe in the existence of supernatural forces and were a real nightmare for the German military, who called them “the night witches” (die Nachthexen).

One and a half thousand women aged 15 – 27 joined the regiment which had been created by the first female pilot Maryna Raskova. Many of them lost their husbands and loved ones and so they desired to take revenge for their losses.

The female pilots of Kherson Military Aviation School carried out night bombardments of enemy positions and made it hot to much more experienced Luftwaffe pilots.

They got this nickname not only because they skillfully flew at night, but also due to the characteristic sound of wooden biplanes, reminiscent of the sound of a broomstick. Until 1944, the girls had already become pretty skilled, so they flew without parachutes, instead preferring to take 20 kilograms of bombs.

Even then women in military uniform inspired others to feats. Even then women gave us the freedom to fly.

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