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TNMK is a cult Ukrainian band, the founders and main drivers of Ukrainian hip-hop, on which more than one generation of Ukrainians grew up. Probably, everyone has their own memory of “Zroby meni hip-hop”, “Lyuba, Lyuba”, “Ivo Bobul” and many other songs. Someone danced along to them under “Lyalka” or in “44”, for someone it was their first CD, and someone is listening to this music in their parents’ playlist in the car on the way to school. In short, they are practically Ukrainian “Beastie Boys”, “Limp Bizkit” and “Linkin Park” in one package 🙂
It has always been a band with an attitude, and since the beginning of the full-scale war this attitude hasn’t gone anywhere, but has become an even stronger and confirmed action. Three band members — vocalist Oleg Fagot Mykhailouta, bass guitarist Kostyantyn Zhuykov, and guitarist Yaroslav Veryovkin — joined the army with the start of military action, the Territorial Defence, the National Guard, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, respectively. All of them continue to serve, and for the concerts, they received an official leave from the management in order to take a stand in the art defense of Ukraine and help the country not only from the inside but also from the outside. Their main mission is to collect funds to help the country.
So, when the guys suggested making a сollab we had no doubts about it. Our joint collection with TNMK is here, so make a choice, wear, and support the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Cultural Front 🙂


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