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We often talk about unity. About things that unite. About values, traditions and customs, lifestyle and art. But all these things are actually possible only if you have an opportunity to interact: to talk, gossip, discuss and argue. There is always something that hinders you. In Ukraine these are rarely epidemics, borders or other invincible forces. These are usually simple infrastructure limitations. Lack of affordable swift transport means (including domestic flights as the fastest way to reach friends or family) is the major obstacle for communication. And for common values, too. For if you have troubles to reach any point of the country in a few hours, it becomes extremely difficult to find a common ground or at least understand each other. And although we actually have enough airports, the problem with air travel is huge. Our collection “UA United” is the actual embodiment of the desire to show what the map of air travel in Ukraine should look like with all its current, already existing runways. So as to outline what really unites us and makes common values, traditions and customs possible – the sky over Ukraine. This is what can literally unite us.


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