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The collection “Ukrainian air force” is dedicated to the Ukrainian Air Force.

Year by year the Ukrainian pilots confront enemies from the air and keep our homes safe.

At the beginning of their service, they solemnly swear allegiance to the people of Ukraine to always be devoted and loyal to them, to perform military duty and to stand steadfastly by the independence and freedom of Ukraine. The sky instilled in them discipline and perspicuity. The sky unites and gives the understanding that success can be achieved only side by side with a fellow. The sky teaches to think far beyond the horizon.

Despite the obstacles that were encountered on the way to creation of the Ukrainian Air Force in 1917, it developed rapidly. Since the restoration of Independence, Ukrainian aviation has not experienced a stable development. But today it is adopting the expertise of leading countries and improving itself.

We have aircrafts and other military equipment of our own production in service. In the first months of hostilities in the Eastern Ukraine, Ukrainian pilots covered the rear of our army at the front. During this time, the aviation has significantly strengthened its forces. Now the air force is always ready to defend our country.

The Ukrainian Air Force takes care of the clear sky above.

Ukrainian Air Force
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