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Oleksandr Pokryshkin 204 Sevastopol Brigade of tactical aviation is a famous fighter brigade in Ukrainian aviation.

They received this name in 2006, Until 2014 they were located in Crimea. In April 2014, during the Crimea annexation, 240 recruits and 11 pilots did not betray the oath and relocated their brigade to the airfield of Kulbakyn near Mykolaiv. They managed to bring 43 aircrafts of MIG 29 and MIG 29 UB with them. These boys fully deserve the motto of the brigade “Faithful to the Fatherland”

Since 2018 the brigade has been located in Lutsk. Starting spring 2022, together with others, they protect our sky and bring a lot of fear to the Russian occupiers. Every morning, our victory is one day closer with their help.

The New Ukrainian Army inspired us to create a new collection of clothes in 2014. A lot of our polos and hoodies have already been dedicated to other brigades and we just couldn’t pass this one by. They are the heroes of our new collection.

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