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Mriya is always something great and powerful.

So, unsurprisingly, the largest and the most powerful cargo aircraft in the world, the An-225, is called “Mriya”. It was constructed at the “Antonov” plant in Kyiv.

The An-225 is so huge that the distance of the maiden flight of Wright brother’s plane can fit inside the cargo compartment of “Mriya”.

It carried cargo and even the “Buran” spaceship; the world’s highest painting exhibition was also held there. The plane also hit the American cinema.

The An-225 brings crowds of people to airports, where they can see it take off or land.

It holds over 240 world records.

We are proud that it was “born” in Ukraine.

It is clear that we couldn’t ignore such a “birdie” from Ukrainian constructors as there is really something to be proud of!

By the way, on the “Mriya” plane, the Ukrainian flag was drawn upside-down. We tried to find out why it is so. We even wrote a letter to the “Antonov” plant. But we never received a respond. If you know why the flag is upside-down, let us know 🙂

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