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A dream (“Mriya” in Ukrainian) is always something big and powerful. Therefore, it is not the surprise the largest and most powerful cargo aircraft in the world An-225 was named “Dream”. Developed and built in Kiev at the Antonov plant, our unique giant was barbarically bombed by the Russian occupiers in the war 2022. 

If compare the distance that was overcome by Wright brothers in their first flight to Mriya sizes – it is exactly the size of cargo section. Mriya executed the strangest transportations: starting from usual cargo to spacecraft. Even the world’s highest exhibition of paintings was performed on the board. Even American cinema caught the aircraft. That was unwritten tradition for thousand people to gather close to the airports and watch this amazing plane landing or leaving. Our giant has 240 world records! We are deeply proud that Mriya was born in Ukraine.

On February 24, 2022, Russia launched a full-scale war of aggression on the territory of Ukraine. With the destruction of military and civilian infrastructure. And although their bombing and attempts to capture our airfields were largely unsuccessful, unfortunately, during the battles for Gostomel airport, our Mriya was destroyed.

As for now Mriya lives on photos, on our shirts and polo that are worn by thousands of people around the world.

Muscovia came to our land just to try to destroy our dream. But Ukrainians have proved that they are ready to defend their dream with weapons in hand and are not ready to give up. We will not forget them this war. And then we will rebuild the plane!

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