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All the aviation exists thanks to the aerodynamic force. This is the force exerted on a body by the oncoming air flow. So do people: they exist due to an inner force that pushes them to conquer new heights. Life tests us to the limit, and this inner core helps us move forward. Force helps you feel confident, whether you’re in a city or in the woods, traveling or working in an office, fishing or rushing to a meeting. With “force” you will feel comfortable in the pace of the big city, during active rest and travel.

Aerodynamic force is calculated by the formula: Y = C_y frac { rho V ^ 2} {2} S , , where

Y — lift force (N)

Cy — coefficient of lift force

ρ — density of the air at the altitude of flight  (kg/m³)

V — airspeed (m/s)

S — frontal area (m²)

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