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Gifts are always appropriate, both for special dates and for every day to gratify your friends, family or colleagues. This is a nice occasion to say “thank you” to those you love very much. For such cases we have prepared gift sets “Souvenir”.

In this section you can make the following combinations: 

  • T-shirt + souvenir;

  • T-shirt + socks;

  • T-shirt + cap;

  • set of socks for a week;

  • thermo cup + cap;

  • cup + coffee;

Just make your choice!

Choose what you like! 🥳👇

1. T-shirt + souvenir, for example:

2. T-shirt + socks LION (ROUNDEL) :

3. T-shirt + socks MRIYA:

4. T-shirt + cap:

5. set of socks for a week:

6. thermo cup + cap:

7. cup + coffee:


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