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39th Tactical Aviation Brigade is one of the brigades that hold up our sky. The guys are based in the Zhytomyr region. The brigade was created on the base of the 39th Separate Aviation Squadron on the last day of 2017. They are flying heavy fighters SU-27. Before 2001 they used to fly MiG-29s.

The official Day of the Brigade is celebrated on June 3rd. On August 24, 1997, the Brigade took part in the first air parade over Kyiv. More than 180 people participated in ATO. And now they are performing combat missions defending the country against muscovite occupiers.

They are known as the Forest brothers. Because Polissya is a land of forests. So if someone was going to visit them it was customary to say “Let’s go to the Forest brothers”. That’s how their symbol appeared – a wolf in a flight helmet. A symbol of those who hold up our sky.


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