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As the Kremlin strived to revive the Soviet Union, the hutsuls created a program to expand their territory. They did not limit themselves to modesty and began to explore space. Different programs on the research of Mars were launched.

The program “MOLFAR” with its aim to go into the outer space started later. Only Molfars, the hutsuls with particular skills, could be sent for this program. A kind of Jedi.

They created a special spaceship “Kosiv” based on the Ukrainian rocket “Zenit-2”. 540 Ivan Vyhovskyy surface-to-air missile regiment was reconstructed into the cosmodrome. They depart from Kamyanka-Buzka, Lviv region.

The hutsuls have stopped the cooperation in space matters with russia, however, they fruitfully cooperate with Brazil, the USA, Japan, China and India.

The spaceship is flying through the Hutsul Way and approaching Saturn. The men took sheep on board. If they settled in the space, the hutsuls would take other animals there.

+ + +

The expedition has been going on for about 7 years. A lot of things have changed during this time. The Molfars’ second expedition “Wjo na Mars” has been successful, so now we have the first Ukrainian settlement on the Red Planet – Nova Vorokhta in Martian Hutsulshchyna. Not only women emigrated to Marsiyshchyna but also the first kids have been born. So there have been enough weddings and dances. And oh my gosh! There is also a great deal of sheep. All Martian meadows are covered with sheep and Martian herds as far as the eye can see. It is hard work to look after the sheep for them not fly away due to space winds, and not to jump into the outer space yourself. That’s why the space herds are the most powerful among the molfars and the most enduring participants of the space program. For sure, they even managed to make friends with local guys. Although they are green and not much talkative, there have been no issues the Hutsuls could not solve with the help of bimbor or a piece of bryndza. In fact, bryndza turns out red here (perhaps, there is something with the soil), but it does not matter because it is as tasty as on Earth; and it can be stored longer :). So, we have harmonious relationship and mutual understanding with the Martians. 

That’s it for now, follow the updates.

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