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A man who poked fire and became the chief of Canadian Mohawk Indians.

Although it sounds like a fiction, it is the most common version of the story about the fate of Ukrainian pilot Ivan Datsenko, who went missing during a combat sortie on April 19, 1944 and later found himself overseas.

While everyone thought Ivan was dead, he fled to Canada, where he fell in love with an indigenous woman and became the chief of the Iroquois tribe.

The world would never have known that Datsenko was alive if Makhmud Esambayev had not accidentally encountered him in 1967. The dancer, who came to the exhibition in Canada, really wanted to see how the Indians dance. And when he got to the tribe, he was taken aback when the leader exclaimed “Zdorovenki buly!” (How do you do?). That’s how he met Ivan Datsenko from Poltava region.

In the tribe Ivan was called “Chief Poking Fire”, as he faced a lot of challenges that he managed to handle.


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