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A seraph is the highest angelic rank, an angel that is the closest to God. The fiery angel is six-winged: two wings cover its legs, two more cover its face, and the other two are used to fly…

The Ancient Hebrew dictionary states that the word “Saraf” has several meanings: burning, fiery; snake, flying snake, snake-like lightning; flying dragon or griffin.

When he descends upon earth in the likeness of lightning to ignite love in people’s hearts, a whirlwind of fire rises around him. Seraph disseminates love for the Divine. It brings enlightenment and ignites in people the fire of love and thirst for life.

It’s closer to aviation than it seems. Not just owing to six wings. But for the reason it’s important to believe in the sky. Believe in yourself, in God or fate. Believe in the sky.


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