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This is a story about one of the most heroic operations of this century. The Armed Forces of Ukraine developed and carried out several air missions to occupied by the rashist forces city of Mariupol, where the Ukrainian garrison was surrounded. Mi-8 helicopters flew at extremely low altitudes for a distance of more than 100 km over the fully occupied territory under constant fire and control of the enemy air defense equipment. It was especially difficult to carry out these operations in the dark. All crews successfully achieved their goals. Unfortunately, not everyone could come back. The ammunition they delivered, additional troops, and evacuated wounded allowed the heroic garrison of Mariupol to hold out longer and provide the necessary tactical time for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In terms of the level of courage, the level of risk, the professionalism of the pilots, and the dedication of the crew, these operations are among the most heroic missions of this kind that were carried out in this century. Missions that at first glance were impossible.

Part of the income from collection’s sales will be transferred to the families of the heroes killed in this operation.

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