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“100 Years of Ukrainian Air Force” is dedicated to the centennial of the foundation of the Ukrainian Air Force in 1917. We are proud that the pilots of Ukrainian army have been defending the sky for years and taking care of the security of the Ukrainian land.

The task of aviation is to guard the airspace and carry out military operations.

In the past, in addition to defensive function (guarding), the air force also was in charge of communications such as delivery of diplomatic correspondence abroad. Sometimes it even transported money from banks. At the beginning of the formation of Ukrainian aviation, there were 188 aircrafts of 26 models of French, Austro-Hungarian and German manufacture.

Since the restoration of Independence, the Ukrainian air force has experienced ups and downs. However, now Ukrainian aviation has aircrafts and aviation equipment of its own manufacture. Ukrainian pilots show aerobatics at international air shows. They performed combat missions in the war in Donbas and get in the way of the eastern aggressor.

Just like 100 years ago, we are now proud of Ukrainian aviation. Ukrainian pilots have become a symbol of freedom; they conquer the sky and give us a sense of peace in our homes.


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