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We talk about combat army units often and a lot. It is not surprising because our brand is inspired by our new army which began to form in 2014. However, some units don’t take part in battles but are directly an important part of our aviation. And not only the military one. This is transport aviation. Namely, the 25th Transport Aviation Brigade. These guys definitely have something to say about themselves. They took part in many humanitarian missions: delivering humanitarian goods to Georgia in 1993, being part of the UN peacekeeping forces during the Bosnian War, and in 2000 the brigade took part in the Arctic expedition “Ukraine – North Pole – 2000”, during which paratroopers landed on a drifting ice floe in the Arctic Ocean. Since 2008, the guys have been performing missions to provide life support for the “Nord” polar station on the island of Greenland as part of a joint Danish-Ukrainian operation. It was they who evacuated Ukrainians from Syria in 2013, and it was they who delivered special forces to Donetsk airport in May 2014. And much more. Of course, we cannot cover everything here but we did make a collection about the guys from the 25th Transport Brigade. And it will still be able to tell a little about the history of this brigade.


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