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The Control Center for Search and Rescue Aviation Support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – who are they?

We all know that the aviation of the AFU covers the sky above us. But who covers them? This division is lesser-known but no less important than the others. Its full name is the Control Center for Search and Rescue Aviation Support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They are the ones who set off to rescue the pilot and crew in case of emergency. So every pilot knows before take-off that they have support if anything happens. That they will be found, rescued, and evacuated in the event of an emergency.

The flight support is provided by search and rescue jets and helicopters, rescue parachute teams, search and rescue teams operating on the ground, as well as medical units and firefighters. They operate together, each aircraft carrying several trained people who in case the landing is impossible can parachute, as they have all the necessary gear and equipment. What’s interesting is that mostly this unit is responsible for packing parachutes for the flight crews and preparing pilots for survival in extreme conditions.

During the war, the unit’s tasks became more difficult. They are the ones who cover our pilots during a wide variety of operations and missions, often at the cost of their own lives. These heroes deserve the glory just as everyone else. Therefore, our new collection is about them.


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