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Ihor Sikorsky was the man who took the first helicopter to the sky. An aircraft designer who united the continents and helped to cross seas and oceans in a matter of hours. He is still considered the best engineer of the twentieth century, and the company “Sikorsky Aero Engineering Corporation” — a leader. He created a presidential helicopter in which US presidents fly — from Dwight Eisenhower to Donald Trump.

Although Sikorsky got enthusiastic over the idea of creating a helicopter, airplanes brought him the first glory. His “Ilya Muromets” became one of the most numerous bombers of the First World War. Many of his inventions are still used today. But most of all, Sikorsky was proud of the fact that his helicopters helped to rescue people. The company estimated that from 1944 until early 2000, their helicopters had helped to rescue more than 2 million people.

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