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#Plast111 Our pride and dream.

The struggle for the freedom of Ukraine has always included scouts for all these years.

They recognized each other from a half-word, either in the Legion of Ukrainian Sich Riflemen, or in the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, or in the Russian-Ukrainian war today.

From the first days of the full-scale invasion, thousands of scouts from all over the world have been working tirelessly for victory: delivering medicine, cars, ambulances, and repair shops. Over the years, the scouts’ friendship has worked as a large logistics company.

More than 550 scouts joined the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine since February 24. They are easy to recognize: they have the best equipment, they are the fastest to get the necessary fixtures, they have friends everywhere. 27 of them are already warming themselves by the eternal bonfire – that is how we lovingly call death.

Our goal is to collect funds for 10 cars for military scouts from scouts around the globe.
First of all, you make a donation and show your support for PLAST. In exchange, you get a unique and limited edition plast hoodie. With your kurin’s chevron and your favorite number (oh yes, we all know that numbers are important to scouts).

100% of the profit will be transferred to the purchase of a car for our military scouts.

And then we will see each other in the camps and everything will be clear without any extra words that we worked together VERY STRONGLY BEAUTIFULLY CAREFULLY AND SPEEDILY to win this war.



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