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“The Ukrainian Falcons” is not a subtype of birds but an air force team created in 1996. It existed until 2006, and now, when the restoration of military aviation began, it has also been restored.

The idea to create an air force team appeared in 1992, when the Ukrainian crew took part in solo flights in Canada and the USA. They dedicated their flight to the first anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence and to the 100th anniversary of the Ukrainian diaspora in Canada.

The team participates in international shows around the world. It takes your breath away when you see live our guys perform aerobatics. In addition, for sure, they are performing combat missions in the area of military operations. They fly heavy Su-27 fighters (or, as they say in NATO — Flanker) and MiG-29 aircraft, which form the basis of the Air Force of Ukraine.

Viktor Rossoshanskyi was appointed commander of the group. By the way, it was he who taught the pilots to land on the deck of the aircraft carrier and take off from it with a Su-27K (now Su-33). One could imagine — he flew almost 2.5 thousand hours, and this amounts up to 4 months in the sky.

So it is clear that we could not leave aside such a cool phenomenon of our aviation. That’s why we designed polos especially for Ukrainian falcons. We are glad that today our air force aerobatic team (without exaggeration, the best in Europe) has the appropriate look. Now you can also look like a true ace pilot.

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